Industrial revolution

Sometimes when I am angry at western society I read Karl Marx.  Maybe it is because I grew up thinking ‘communist’ was a dirty word. And the best way to say ‘fuck you’ is by revolting like a teenager against your patriarchy. 

As I wander through the pages of Marx I stumble upon a realization.  The hard hours worked in the industrial revolution that made America great – all the danger, child labor, disease, lack of health and care of workers – still exist. In high school I was taught to think of it as a dark age – so far away from who America is as a country. Led astray by history and the white middle age teachers who thought they were teaching me something. I am Dumbfounded, angry, pissed, and wondering why they didn’t teach me anything of ‘value’.  Alas I cannot blame one sheep for following the only flock its ever known. 


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